Understanding the Healthcare Landscape

A ground-breaking, first-of-its-kind simulation designed to explain how the product, dollar, and contracts flow through the Healthcare System.

In today’s rapidly evolving Healthcare industry, success in the pharmaceutical field requires a deep understanding of the customers’ decision-making processes. This is especially important as healthcare segments become even more complex and interconnected (i.e. ACOs, IDNs…).

Our goal in creating Understanding the Healthcare Landscape was to design a simulation that brings the parts and pieces of the Healthcare System together to finally crack the code. By engaging in this simulation, participants learn how risk is transferred from one entity to another, as products are sold and prescriptions are filled. They also gain an understanding of contracting between entities, and the levers that each entity has at its disposal. This, two-years- in-the- making, immersive program takes the incredibly complex and makes it understandable for a broad audience.

Understanding the Healthcare Landscape offers:

  • An immersive learning experience, including video, animation, gaming technology, and interactivity
  • Patient-centered case studies that guide participants through real-world scenarios
  • Group activities that encourage critical thinking and result in retention of critical information
  • Practical application that allows learners to discover how products and dollars flow through the system

This course will benefit:

  • Anyone with an interest in understanding the healthcare landscape
  • Seasoned industry veterans, as well as those who are new to the pharmaceutical industry
  • Representatives who want to bring value to their customers/accounts and to the organizations for which they work
  • Marketing teams who want to better understand how to align with customer needs
  • Anyone who wants to understand how they fit into the healthcare landscape

The solution was designed using Metajourn’s Howitwrx™ process – a part-art/part- science methodology that translates complex concepts and processes into a language that is easy for participants to understand.

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